About Me

Sewing is my passion!  It's what keeps me going, keeps me sane and calms me down.  I sew everyday in some form even if it's only for 5 minutes.  Even when I'm not sewing I'm thinking about what I'm going to sew...If I have trouble falling asleep at night I will plan out a new project in my head or work through one I have on the cutting table...hence my blog title "I Dream of Sewing".

I love being creative in any way really.  I love to learn new things and challenge myself not just in being creative but in home projects, gardening or just about anything.  I love the feeling of a job well done!

I have 2 children which you may hear about from time to time.  For my full-time job to pay the bills, my husband and I are partners in our business of property rehab and rentals.  We have always lived in Western, Massachusetts and I can't imagine living anywhere else. 

I've sewn a lot of things over the past decade + and sometimes I am reminded by a friend or family member of something I made them which sometimes I completely forgot that I made!  So I've decided to journal my sewing projects and try keep a record of all that I have made from here on out - throwing in a few past projects here and there.