Monday, February 20, 2012

veggie painting

I struggle most days with finding things to do with both of my kids.  I struggle with patience.  I wish that playing with them came naturally, like it seems to do with my husband.  I find that now more than ever I want my house picked up and at least the floors somewhat clean.  It's a constant battle as anyone with kids knows.  I spent the morning and afternoon today at the Stitch Lounge struggling with a dress that someone commissioned me to do.  I was feeling just ok about it after 5 hours so far until I tried it on the mannequin and discovered there is a very small hole in the fabric, right on the boob!  Ughhhh....I could still cry...just knowing how much time I've already put into it and not really enjoying it.  Of course, it's not an easy fix at all.  I pretty much have to disassemble the whole thing.   I will work on it again Wednesday and see if I can't fix it somehow.  That coupled with the kids arguing all day about the dumbest things I decided we all needed a little something different when we got home.   So out came the veggies.

I saw this in a magazine awhile back and thought it looked fun.  They showed a celery bunch cut at the base and used as a flower but it was fun to see what else we could find in the fridge.  Funny those simple things we just don't ever seem to think of on our own. 

What a great way to make some wrapping paper!

I'm thinking fabric and fabric paints too.  How neat would this be incorporated in a bag!?

 I've got a pile of dishes, laundry to wash and fold, animals to feed, dinner to make, orders to sew, bills to pay....oh, and I'm the last to get this cold that's been going through our family.  

Our veggie painting did seem to get us all feeling a little better.  The girls are finally playing together - politely.  And my glass of wine is hitting the spot....