Friday, February 26, 2021

Heart Table Runner

Heart table runner....finished just in time to use on Valentine's Day - well for the last half of the day.   

I was inspired by this hearts and gizzards block tutorial.  

It's been a long time since I've actually quilted indicated by my stack of finished quilt tops I've made (not shown because I'm too lazy to pull them all out).  Actually I think I will pull some of those out and start working on them...then I'll share.

Since it's been so long some of the curves are a little wonky but I'm ok with that.

Once this is washed those edges around the hearts should get all frayed up.

I've had the backing fabric since the days when the chevron fad was at it's peak way back in 2013ish.  The pinks don't match but I think it works good for this project. 

I thought about the fact that my feathers might be cut off by the binding if I put them too close to the edge and still I quilted over a little too far. 

Inspired by THIS, I've started "signing" all my work.  I feel like I need something a little more recognizable so I might end up doing more of my full name.  I also plan on pulling out all of the quilts and things I've sewn and "signing" them.