Thursday, August 15, 2019

Sisters Quilt Together: Our First Block

I'm sharing this project all out of order.  Last time I shared about how my sister and I got into this project and then shared about our 4th block.  So now I'll begin to set things right and share about our first block.

When I was going through my stash for the first block this sewing machine fabric in the center of the block caught my eye and I knew I had to use it right away.  But what to use it with...  My sister is a big tye dyer.  In fact she has a tye dye party every fall.  I remembered that I my youngest daughter had recently set aside a tee shirt that she grew out of which was a shirt that my sister tye dyed for her.  So I lined up the sewing machine in the center of the heart then stitched around it, finishing it off by cutting close to the stitching in the center of the heart and exposing the sewing machine.  I was so excited...a sewing machine in the center of a tye dyed heart.  It was a perfect first block.  I sent it off to her at this point.

She sent it back with an Alabama Chainin flare to it...which is so cool because there was a period where we were both into this type of sewing and created some pretty neat things that we still use today.  You can see her black hand stitching lines just outside of my machine ones.

She also laid a lime green knit behind it and was able to she add these aqua bordered leaves making the lime color pop out.  The lime is also visible around all the edges the entire quilt square.

I love this block!  I think it's the perfect block to get us started in this journey together.