Thursday, June 15, 2017

Spring cushion refresh and finally time to garden!

Last fall my neighbor asked me to recover her porch cushions.  It was October and she said no rush.  (You should never tell me there is no rush!)  I'm posting this in June and the cushions were finally finished a couple weeks ago.  I guess I beat the first day of summer at least!  She wanted either a burgundy or green fabric.  Easy enough. Who knew that it would not be easy to find either of those colors.  I tried looking in all of the fabric stores I knew of in a 40 mile radius and nothing.  I ordered samples online.  Do you know how hard it is to match a color sample to a computer screen?!  The 4 samples I ordered were nothing like what I thought they would be.  The fact that I wanted to give her an actual outdoor fabric that will stand up to the weather and fading was also a factor in the search.  And of course cost.  Most outdoor fabrics start at $25 per yard which is not all that affordable.  I'm not saying it's not worth it, but considering that it would cost a lot more to have them recovered than to just go out and buy new ones.  I am all for redoing just for the sake of not throwing out all that cushioning that was still perfectly good.

Her current green cushions were quite faded and I didn't want that happening to the new ones by the end of this summer.  I'm hoping this new fabric lives up to what it promises and doesn't end up like the old ones.

I spent a couple weeks looking and waiting for the samples.  I did one last visit to a couple shops.  I stopped in Joann's and this blue outdoor fabric kept catching my eye.  It had a great texture too.  I knew she wanted the burgundy or green but knowing the colors of her yard and house this blue kept calling to me.  And good ole' Joann's also had it 50% off.  I called her up and explained the situation.  She decided to go with the blue trusting me.  Oddly I felt very confident that this was the fabric.

After I completed them and they were on her porch against the white of her house (that's her house in the photo below!) and wicker furniture, the grey of her floor, the green of of landscaping and the red of her barn I thought it was the perfect match.  It was a great change and a refreshing look.  Both her and her daughter agreed that this was a good choice!  And I am so happy.

I haven't been feeling the whole "it's nice weather I want to get out and garden" thing.  Usually I'm so ready and can't wait to spend the day in the dirt.  I think it's the weather up here in the North East.  Our spring has been rainy and cool.  Up until last week I was turning the heat on every morning to warm it up for the day.  Everyone is talking about how everything is behind.  The strawberries are just starting to get ripe!  Typically my garden is in around the end of April and early May at the latest.   I usually have to keep an eye out for a late frost.  I finally forced the family out one rainy Sunday to go purchase our plants.  We spent the rest of that rainy day planting those and sowing seeds.  Unfortunately most of the seeds didn't take.  The plants seem happy with all the rain though.  This weekend I'll be replanting seeds.  It will be interesting to see what the rest of the summer brings.  Hey, as long as it doesn't rain when it's time for my vacation I'll be good!