Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fabric Baskets

It's a mad dash this week to get everything made that I want to bring to a craft fair at the girls elementary school.  This is the 3rd year I've done it.  Have I ever said I hate doing craft fairs?....with a passion?!...  Mainly because I just hate sitting around all that time.  I hate the prep days in advance, pulling together displays, tables, packing it all, loading the car, unpacking it at the fair then repacking to bring home and waiting to do it again the next time.  I've sat too many times and not had enough sales to make the hours of making and preparation worth it.  Yet I still continue to do them occasionally.  I don't know why.

This time I'm making a bunch of fabric baskets.  These are directly from a pattern I designed a few years ago.  I must have intended to make these for another event since I found a stock pile of the interfacing all cut and ready to go.  Lucky me!

I use Peltex 70 to give these some stability.  It's a really heavy interfacing.  I don't like the fusible kind although if I was going to bind the top edge I supposed that would work ok.

This dress has always been a favorite of mine.  Now that the girls have outgrown it I decided to repurpose it.

And here's the repurpose!

The handle on the right is the one that I used on the pattern.  The basket on the left has a handle I wanted to try out.  It looked really simple.  You can find out directions here.  But I think I prefer the handles that stick up.  I like the idea that you can grab the basket and carry it easier.