Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I've been on a mending rampage lately.  I've had so much of it sitting around that I'm finally motivated to tackle it all.  Jeans, quilts, blankets, mittens, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants...

By now I feel like a mending machine.  It's funny how it all sat there for so long.  I dreaded finding matching thread, embroidery floss or patches - whatever was needed for such a small mend.

I've been purging lots of stuff lately...clothes, stuffed animals, toys, household items, fabric and crafty supplies.  I guess the piles of mending was finally getting in the way.

It was time to stop thinking about it and get it done.

It's only taken me a couple days here and there over the past weekend and this week.  What a good feeling to have all of that done or pretty close to...

One of the projects was for a neighbor who asked me to fix several things.
(last September...ahem..)
One of the items was an old bed cover.  It was in rough shape.  Almost more than it was worth it to fix.  There were lots of smaller holes and one large hole.

I've never fixed anything quite that bad.  I can't say I was completely happy with the finish but at least from a distance it wouldn't be a gaping hole.  This thing was like 6 inches long!  There was no way I could recreate the woven pattern without some serious time and thought.  I'm hoping it will go on an opposite side facing away from the entrance to the room. 

The edges were quite frayed in several spots too.
Those were an easy fix...I zipped them through the serger.  The cover's edges are scalloped and slightly distorted from age so it was not imperative that the scallops be repaired perfectly.

All this repairing done by hand has got me in a hand-sewing mood.  I'm planning on some embroidery projects next.