Thursday, December 4, 2014

before & after... Lamp makeover

It's been an absolute eternity since I have been on here.  Everyday I think about posting and before I know it it's 9pm, the house is quiet and I can't get my brain to function beyond the couch and a tv screen.  I'm really going to try to post with some consistency here because if nothing else I just love to go back and look at old posts. 

So with this post I'm showing another before and after.  I don't have a ton of photo's but you get the idea. 

I love to repurpose (more out of necessity) and I probably do it too the old stuffing I take out of my flat pillows, refluff and stuff into a new pillow.  Sometimes I just like to bite the bullet and make a crazy purchase on something totally new - which is what I did for half of this project.  

This lamp redo is part of my living room makeover.  I'll share more of that soon.  We moved here almost 8 years ago and that was in a hurry with an infant.  Life has been giving us one huge hurdle after another and I think we're finally starting to level out. (or maybe I'm just getting used to it all!)  I'm slowly finding motivation to tackle walls desperately in need of paint and update furniture (with new slipcovers).  

So for today -

Here's the before.....

Super old lamp.  And the pair of these graced my living room for waaay too long.  My lampshade was a dark mustard with primitive stars and crows on it.  My decorating style of years ago - some of it was still sticking around.

And the after....

The lampshade did come from Home Goods, which was my new treat!  I spray painted the base with a plain ole silver spray paint.  The background shows a peek of my new wall color... more on that to come!