Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain Rain

I finally got around to making my raincoat - the one I said I was making last year at this time and never got to it.

This is an Amy Butler pattern.  I found it easy to follow and geared towards a beginner to advanced beginner.  I am normally a size larger when it comes to most commercial patterns so I took my measurements and opted for the XL jacket since the pattern said it was supposed to be worn with something thinner underneath and be more of a tailored fit.  Even with a larger size typically I tend to need a little extra give around the middle so I added a bit there as well.

After all that I found that this pattern is right on with my normal fit so a large, and maybe just a slight waist adjustment, would have been perfect.  Next time!   It is fully lined although I am considering making one that is not lined for these warmer summer months. 

I omitted the belt since I'm not comfortable with them and I also decided to go with a the pleated pocket.  I'm not quite sure which marks I was looking at but when I put the front together I realized one pocket was way too high.  It would have looked ridiculous to leave it so I lowered it even though it left marks in the laminate.  Now the marks are almost invisible especially if you don't know they are there.

One of my favorite features of this jacket is the nice deep hood! 

Photo's taken courtesy of the above 3 year old...or 3 and 1/2 as she will correct you every time.