Friday, April 20, 2012


It occurred to me this morning as I was sitting here at my dining room table looking around the house and enjoying the sunlight coming through and soaking everything with a warm occurred to me that with my blog I have started to see everything in a new light. 

With a blog you don't want to share negative things, at least not for the most part.  Instead you pick beautiful or fun photos.  I like to chose those photos that also show real life. 

Of course everything is not wonderful in my life but when I think that I should do another post and then start looking for photos I start to see for instance that the breakfast that was made in a hurry for me when my husband was preparing his own food for the day, but was then was too rushed to stay and eat with us, but that breakfast he made me is a beautiful thing.  That then helps me to realize that we, as husband and wife, have learned to work along side each other and to overlook so many of those things that will drive you up a wall if you let them.

I wish I could do a side by side comparison of 10 years ago vs. today or even 5 years.  It would be amazing and I like to think of how far I have come and we have come as a family.

So for me, my blog is a real place but a place that I can honestly say has helped me see all the little things in a new and positive way and to see that the negative stuff is just a passing necessity to help you grow.

Monday, April 16, 2012

beautiful day

Today is sunny and warm hot.  Almost like summer out there.  This weekend we finally got some yard work done.  After a rain shower last night we woke up to the leaves popping out everywhere.  The smell outside is amazing.  The birds are singing.  The girls are getting along.  It's just beautiful right now.  I wish I could capture this in a jar and bring it out when I really need it. 
I have an sewing machines.  It actually started because I'm too cheap to buy a new one.  And I love the hunt of finding a good deal.  One of my favorite ones is this lovely lavender machine.  This photo does not show the lavender all that well but it is a very pretty pale shade for sure and makes me smile when I look at it.  Of course the retro shape just adds to the coolness. 

In total I think I have 16 right now.  Some of them are great machines and are used at the Stitch Lounge for rentals.  I seriously don't believe in spending thousands on a machine.  (I'm not saying that when I am rolling in money and can't find anything better to spend it on that I wouldn't indulge though.)  When it comes down to it, a straight stitch and zig zag are essential.  A button hole is nice too.  The quality of the stitch is something I never thought about until I tried so many machines but it is very important and is the difference between looking homemade and looking professional.  An auto thread cutter is a dream of mine. 

My favorite place to find machines? Thrift stores.  This weekend I found this machine.  It was super clean and in a super clean case.  Rare.  Plus it had tags from a local repair place so that tells me someone at least had it serviced occasionally.  It's a Nelco.  I never heard of it and am having a hard time even finding any info on it.  But let me tell you it sews like a dream!  I actually think it's more of a commercial machine because it is super fast and sews through tough materials like butter.  This is probably my best thrift find.  Price... just $14.99  Oh, and the stitch quality, even better than my new machines.  

I planned on sewing like crazy this weekend and this machine just made it more fun.  It's always nice to get a little boost when you need it.