Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sisters Quilt Together Project - Block 4

This idea was borrowed from a friend of mine who showed me a quilt that her and a friend made together over the years.  They would make part of a block then send it to the other who would then add to it.  Some blocks contained stories and memories either through the fabrics or the block design.  They would make two blocks so that they could each have the same one.  When the quilt was completed they put together each other's quilt and then mailed the other friend her finished quilt so while they both contained the same blocks each quilt was put together differently.  She had told me about it but not until I actually saw it did I really understand it.  I was so inspired after seeing the quilt in person that as soon as I got home from her house I texted my sister to let her know that we were starting a new project.  I am so grateful that I have a sister to share my love of quilting!

Here's a photo I snapped of my friend's quilt.  I love their fabrics and colors.  Everything goes together so well!

My sister and I live about 1 1/2 hours from each other and we both have busy lives so it's not very often that we see each other.  At one point we said we would get together every month or every other month to have a crafting day.  I think we've done it two times since saying we should and that was more than a year ago.  Every time we did it though we were like "We need to do this again soon!" But of course life just gets too in the way.  This project is perfect because while we aren't necessarily together making we are making together.  And who doesn't love to get mail?!  It's a rarity these days to actually get something hand addressed and something that isn't a bill or junk.  Remember those days when people would send you paper birthday cards or notes?

I started off the project by sending her the first blocks.  We decided there is absolutely no theme.  Just go where your creativity leads you.  The only rule was the blocks need to measure 12".  After working her creative magic on them she returned one of the now finished blocks and the start to the 2 new blocks.  Then I finished the second set of blocks, kept one for myself and sent her just one of those completed blocks along with the start to 2 more new blocks and so on.  We have no time table for these either.  At first we were doing them every few weeks.  I think the time between the last block she sent me and since I finished it has been at least a couple months, but with the end of school out of the way, a 6th grade graduation complete, our vacation over and some business chaos out of the way for the moment I've got some time to work on it a little bit.  Plus I haven't been sewing at all over the past month and I'm missing it big time!

Our most recent block (#4) is below.  I'm sharing this first because the fabrics used are appropriate for the time of year.  In following posts I'll continue to share the first 3 blocks as well as our newest ones.  It will be fun to see them documented along the way.

The most recent block she sent me was about a 6" block of crazy quilting.  She stitched it all on to a foundation piece.  The amazing thing was that each block was identical.  Each little piece was the same shape!  Finally a reason to use all those different stitches on her machine!

I added the block border which turned out to be some blocks and some weird rectangles...didn't turn out quite as I imagined but oh well, no rules right!?

A lot of the fabrics in this block came from a quilt shop hop we did several years ago!

I needed to add a small outer border to get it to 12" but I think the solid green brought it all together. I also used a special stitch to outline the crazy quilted section from the borders which I thought gave it a nice touch.

This quilt may take us a year or years.  I think I'm leaning more towards years but it will be so worth it in the end.  We are not sure how many blocks we are shooting for but I think we will know when we are done.

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