Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Kids Quilts

I've been neglecting this blog even more than normal and that's not a good way to start off a new year. Two months in and no posts.  I've got lots of photos and ideas but just not the motivation to sit down and get it all on here.  So I'm going to start with sharing some of the kids quilts I've been making.  I love quilting but very often I get bored with a big quilt.  Being that I no longer have very many little kids in my life I don't do any sewing for little people which is probably the most fun for me.  From dresses, dolls and doll accessories, hair bands and stuffies...all relatively quick sew things that they usually get excited over.  Not so much excitement around my hand sewn items now that my girls are older.  So when I heard that our local hospital had run out of the kid sized quilts that are donated for their pediatric unit which are given to children after a surgery I got all excited.  I've got quite a bit of kid fabrics that I probably would never have used otherwise.

So far I've finished the tops for 10 quilts.  They have specified 3'x 4' is a good size so these are all pretty close to that.  I've only got one quilted and bound.  

I'm glad to finally use up my Eric Carle fabric that I've had for years.  This is the last pile of it.  Whenever I pull it out for another project I'm reminded of the story of Jesus and how the crowds were fed from just seven loaves of bread and just keeps going.  I don't know how I keep making so much out of it.  I bought a smallish bag of this fabric from a friend that she had left over from a quilt she made.  So far I've gotten 2 quilts for this project.  Prior to that I made 2 other quilts a couple years back with some other quilter friends and we donated them to our local library.  They sold raffle tickets and raised about $500 I think.  I have enough for at least one more quilt but I need to take a break from those fabrics for awhile. 

Using my DIY mini piecing wall I was able to start laying the first quilt out and get all the odd shapes to work together.  My starting point was the blocks with the leaf on the left and the caterpillar on the right.  You will see below much of this layout changed. 

I was really trying to utilize every little scrap that I had.  You can tell from the center piece with only a piece of the pie and a lollipop stick showing.  But when you put it all together into the bigger quilt its hidden enough.

Here's an overall look of the first quilt.   It's pretty crazy but I find my quilting tends to do that.  I get bored with symmetrical.  I'm sure some child will love to have it.  

I'll share more quilts as I work through the pile to get them quilted.  I'm really excited that I can do something I love and hopefully make a scary time for a child be a little less so with something handmade just for him or her.  

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