Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Sewing Basics: How To End Your Hand-Sewing and Make a Knot

When you have used up your thread, are done sewing or need to change colors, you must knot or tie off the thread in someway or all of your lovely stitches will come undone!  You could just tie a knot in the thread but unless you get it right next to the fabric it your stitches will loosen up and not look as pretty anymore.  

*Important!  When you have about 5-6” of thread left then you are ready to stop sewing and knot your thread. If you don’t leave enough thread then you won’t be able to make a knot.

Make sure the thread is coming out of the back.  Turn your project over and work from the backside. 

Where the thread is coming out of the fabric take a super tiny stitch.  

Pull the needle and thread as you normally would but not all the way!  Leave a small loop.  Then take your needle and go through the loop 2 times and pull it tight.

This should make a knot.  If it didn’t work the first time keep trying.  More than one knot is ok!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sewing Basics: How to Thread a Needle and Knot It to Start Hand-Sewing

I very often hear from someone that they just want to know the basics of sewing.  How to sew the "right way".  Well, there are lots of ways to do it the right way or a way that works for you.  I love to see the ways that people have for different techniques, sewing or otherwise.  Isn't this an awesome time we live in that we can pop online and read a blog or watch a YouTube video!  It's so much easier to be "self-taught".

I thought I would run through a few very basic sewing techniques.  These will be helpful for anyone who has never sewn, forgot some things or just wants to see someone else's way of doing something. I will also be referring to these periodically in my other sewing posts such as my Teaching Kids to Sew series.

Here we go!

How to Thread a Needle and Knot It...to Start Sewing

Thread your needle.  Leave one small tail and one long tail.  If you have trouble getting the thread through the eye you can lick the end of the thread, twist it in your fingers and/or cut it at a 45 degree angle.

Hold the needle with your thumb and pointer finger making sure the thread won't come out when you pull on it.

Take the long thread with your other thumb and pointer finger.  Bring the long end of the thread and the needle together to make a circle.  Slip the thread into the thumb and pointer finger that's holding the needle, keeping the circle.

With your free hand wrap the long thread around the needle 3-4 times.

Point the needle up and slip the wrapped long thread between your fingers on the needle. 

With your free hand, pull the pointed end of the needle up while still lightly holding onto the twist with your other hand. 

Keep pulling so the twist goes off the needle, along the thread and right down to the end of the thread.  

It will make a knot at the end.  If it didn’t work the first time keep trying.  You’ll get it!