Thursday, June 2, 2016

wine box bag & cover New Pattern Release!

I have been working on this pattern for years!  Like literally since 2011!  It's really not all that difficult if you look at it but there were just so many possibilities.  I have made more changes to this pattern than anything that I have ever made.  The biggest problem was how to reduce the amount of raw edges.  That dang hole for the spout screwed everything up!

One of my friends suggested awhile back that a large grommet looks to be just about the size of the spout hole.  I tried it and it seemed perfect.  That would answer all my raw edge problems as well as making it look professional but for the life of me I could not get a consistent product out of those things and I threw away more than one bag in pure frustration.  Then it hit me while laying in bed one morning at 4:30 a couple weeks ago.  (Yes, I remember the exact time.  It was a erueka moment for goodness sake!!) I figured out how to have almost all seams not exposed.  My pattern writing was reinvigorated and now it's done!  

I have brought these bags to several parties and they always get good comments and "Can I buy one from you?"  But I never felt like they were good enough because of their issues.  I have to feel good about my patterns!   

This pattern also contains a pattern for just a cover incase you want to keep it on your shelf or in your fridge.  My new motto on life is if it's not pretty make it be pretty!  The pattern can be found on Etsy and Craftsy.