Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just when I think it can't get any busier...

Rewind one year ago.  I had a 1 1/2 year old and an almost 4 year old.  I was home all the time.  3 mornings the girls went to daycare so I could get the bookkeeping done for our family business.  Laundry was usually done and put away, house vacuumed a couple times a week, bathrooms clean, sewing was mixed in when the girls were playing in the morning.  I had lots of cuddle time.  We regularly visited family and friends.  I made my own bread every week and a healthy dinner was on the table at night.  

Fast forward to today.  A typical week for us lately usually accompanies a sick person in the house.  3 days spent at the Stitch Lounge.  (I opened a business since last year.)  Etsy account is finally taking off so orders arrive from there that need to be made.  I desperately needed a car so I got a job for 2 days of my normal bookkeeping days at home.  One daughter started preschool so drop offs and pick ups are in order.  The family business is growing so along with there being added work I now need to fit my 3 days of bookkeeping into one.  The Stitch Lounge is moving to a busier city so I will be required to put in full days all week.  (Not quite sure how that is going to play out, guess I'll be hiring some help.) For a glimpse of my house...both bathrooms are in dire need of cleaning.  We tell the girls not to put their clothes on the floor because it is dirty.  Toys are not picked up before leaving the house or going to bed.  Vacuum...what is that?  I used to have hardwood floors now I have genuine authentic pet hair carpeting.  Dishes get done when they overflow onto the counters.  The girls are lucky if they have matching outfits.  I must have been totally bored or maybe my hormones finally kicked back into normal (whatever that is) mode after having 2 kids. I'm exhausted but never happier.  I'm letting go and enjoying living in the moment.  I will not be offering to host Easter dinner this year.