Saturday, November 5, 2011

learning to sew

 Today was a proud day.  My daughter had her first sewing lesson and oh how well she did.  I was planning on waiting until she was at least 5, but she's been showing signs that she is ready, so today was the day!  First I cut everything.  (We are making a table topper for her Nonnie's birthday.)  Then I gave her the task of matching up the shapes so they would make a block.  It was like a puzzle to her!

Little sister wanted in on the fun and Jasmine loved that she could help her now that she knew how to do it. 

Almost ready to be sewn!

To a mom who as an avid sewer this is an awesome sight!  I let her operate the presser foot, lifting the lever on the back of the machine up and down. 

With a little help from a foot stool she did all the foot work!  And to my amazement she was able to control the speed quite well.  With me guiding the fabric through and operating the backstitch, we were able to make it through about 2/3 of the topper before she starting getting a little too silly and then wanted me to finish it. 

Trimming the threads was a definite highlight for her too.  Not only was I proud, but she was even more so.  All we kept hearing the rest of the day was I've never sewn before like this, this is fun!  Now I know she'll really enjoy that little sewing machine I already bought for her for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

new bags

I am getting back my bag making groove...thank goodness.  There was a point when I had only one child and I was making 4 a day.  Now with one kid in school and the other at the height of her toddlerhood and 3 businesses to work on...  I'm lucky if I get one bag made in a week.  This Sunday it just hit me and I made 2 great bags in one day! 

I've been wanting to make an adjustable strap bag for a long time.  I don't know why I was thinking it was going to have some difficulty to it.  It was too easy.  I'll be making more of those soon.  And I really love that pattern.  It's not one of my designs, however, I did revamp a pattern I picked up on sale last week.  Sometimes it's just so much easier to make something with someone else's pattern.   It also gives me a new way of looking at something.  I'm to the point in patterns though (bag patterns) that I just use the pattern and throw out the directions.  That feels good to know I've been sewing long enough and feel that comfortable.

The purple bag is one of my very first bags that I designed.  It has lots of space and I really love the wide opening.  I'm the type of person that I need everything in view in order to remember I have it.

Since I was on such a roll with the bag making on Sunday and I was so in love...and still am...with the pattern on the black bag way up there, I decided to tackle a bag repair for my mother-in-law.  A while back we picked out this beautiful batik together.  The bag that I first made with it though was horrible.  (I can say that because I don't think my MIL will ever read this.)  It was my design and for some unknown reason I decided not to use interfacing in the body....what was I thinking??? so it had no shape and was way too floppy.  Actually I was newer to pleats and thought the drape just wouldn't be the same if I used I know better.  I can't even show before pics because I was too disgusted with it.  She so graciously took it and said she loved it.  Anyways it got a hole in the fabric on the bottom and needed to be fixed.

I completely disassembled it except for the strap.  I re-cut the body and added a new black top.  The over all bag is slightly smaller but way cuter than the first one.  Now I really do wish I had a before pic to show to appreciate the improvement.

Monday was Halloween and I let the girls get dressed up for a day at the shop.   My husband paid us a visit and actually caught me in the act on camera.  He, he...

Off to trick or treat!