Thursday, April 21, 2011

mending, field trip & wristlets

Mending seems to be a lost technique with time...or at least with me.  Ok, I've never felt it worth it to mend a pair of jeans or anything for that matter.  I just figured that it was time for something new.

However, my husband can take a pair of jeans and ... well you can see for yourself.  These well used jeans were finally sacrificed for the good of some other not so sad looking jeans.  The only salvageable part was a small patch behind the knees.

Today's needful deed...3 pairs of jeans now ready to be worn again.  A couple years back, and it's sad I remember this, I was behind someone, ok a guy, that was a carpenter and I noticed a few patches.  No, I was not googling.  I just happened to notice that someone took the time to mend some jeans and it looked, well, so domestic and caring.  Something inside me wanted to fix and make new and show that I cared what my husband looked like.   It took me 2 years or so but I did it. 

Next on the agenda a trip to the Eric Carle museum.  A little hectic but the kids enjoyed it.  Check out those shoes.  

A few new wristlets in the works.  I've got my first craft show in awhile coming up on the 30th.  I'm thinking wristlets will go nicely.

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