Thursday, April 21, 2011

mending, field trip & wristlets

Mending seems to be a lost technique with time...or at least with me.  Ok, I've never felt it worth it to mend a pair of jeans or anything for that matter.  I just figured that it was time for something new.

However, my husband can take a pair of jeans and ... well you can see for yourself.  These well used jeans were finally sacrificed for the good of some other not so sad looking jeans.  The only salvageable part was a small patch behind the knees.

Today's needful deed...3 pairs of jeans now ready to be worn again.  A couple years back, and it's sad I remember this, I was behind someone, ok a guy, that was a carpenter and I noticed a few patches.  No, I was not googling.  I just happened to notice that someone took the time to mend some jeans and it looked, well, so domestic and caring.  Something inside me wanted to fix and make new and show that I cared what my husband looked like.   It took me 2 years or so but I did it. 

Next on the agenda a trip to the Eric Carle museum.  A little hectic but the kids enjoyed it.  Check out those shoes.  

A few new wristlets in the works.  I've got my first craft show in awhile coming up on the 30th.  I'm thinking wristlets will go nicely.

Monday, April 18, 2011

dresses, straight cuts & sick day

First I want to share a quick shortcut which any sewer probably already knows but I've only recently figured out myself.

On the patterns that have the straight cuts, I find it very useful to line my clear ruler up with the straight edge and then use my rotary cutter.  A nice crisp clean edge every time and fast too!  I've also started using my rotary cutter free hand to cut out even larger rounded patterns.  I trace my patterns onto a very heavy paper so it's not so easy to cut the pattern.  It takes some practice but it is faster and gives great lines.

I have been looking for a cute dress to make for my girls just like this one.  I almost attempted a pattern on my own but this was exactly what I was looking for so why take the time to figure it out.  The sleeves still need elastic but I ran out.  Guess it's a trip to the fabric store tomorrow because I just have to finish this.  It is a super easy and fun dress to make.  I think it was about and hour from start to finish.  I purchased it from The Handmade Dress.

The first dress was a practice one.  This is the next fabric I am using.  The skirt will be out of this and the top may be white, pink, yellow or green to match - I haven't decided yet. 

We have been hit by the flu bug...AGAIN.  What is it this year?!  My house is a disaster and I don't even care.  The slipcover was thrown up on by #1 so you can see my hideous, stained couch and toys haven't been picked up in a couple of days.  I always seem to get what ever is going around last so it's still a mess from a week ago.  

Wiley saying hello? let me in...please.  He thinks the window is his own personal entry way.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Here's my little guy, Snickers.  He's a 10 year old pure bred toy fox terrier.  I was generously given Snickers by a friend when I was looking for a dog in exchange for her being able to see him whenever she wanted.   He came to me when he was about 8 weeks old.  He was so tiny I didn't know how to hold him.  I used to put him inside my coat or sweater when going into a store and no one would ever know he was there.  

All that white on his face used to be brown.  I wish I had some puppy pics but 10 years ago I didn't own a digital camera.  

Snickers was just diagnosed with diabetes.  He's got the vet miffed because he not your typical diabetic animal for some reason.  I got my lessons in insulin injections and what to watch for.  It's a little stressful sometimes.  

So not only is he diabetic but he's got some major cataracts (a complication of the diabetes) which means he's also blind.  Hence the collision with the fridge.  Poor Snickers.  I can't help but chuckle sometimes and have my heart breaking at the same time.  

Wherever there are people, there's Winslow aka Winnie, a pug-a-chi or Pug/Chihuahua mix.  He's about as happy-go-lucky as a dog can get.  The tongue sticking out is normal.  See, because of Winnie's short little snout his teeth are way too crowded and he needed to get many of them pulled including one of his front canines.  It just makes him even more goofy looking. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

Normally we are home-bodies.  With the kids we find it so much easier to just stay put and keep to our schedule.  We know we are boring.  Well, I wanted to just do something a little different.  It was a tough winter.  For a few weeks my husband was getting up and leaving before any of the rest of us were awake and coming home close to the kids bed times.  It's the life of being self-employed with a stay at home mom.  A great package deal came about from our current favorite place to stay in Maine.  #2 is now at the age that she's not going to scream on a car trip so we decided why not take a long weekend.

One week before leaving my dog, Snickers, ends up acting like he's blind. (The black & white one.)  Come to find out he's got bad cataracts and is now a diabetic.   He's only 10 but I found out his mother was also diabetic.  So he stayed at the vet for over a week.  That was a nice bill.  Then on the trip up there I could tell, as only a mother can, that #1 is coming down with something.  Ugh.  We tried the beach the first day as soon as we got there.

 The wind was fierce but it was sunny.  The sick one wanted to leave.  That's when I knew she was really sick.

We ended up in the hotel most of the time.  Poor girl just wanted to lay on the couch.  She was really not feeling well.  My husband read, I knitted and watched tv in the bedroom.  #2 was surprisingly content to play for much longer than I ever imagined.  It was supposed to be a fun weekend but turned into a restful one which was probably more needed by mommy and daddy.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Refinished Side Table

My latest furniture refinish project.  I started tag saleing last year and picked up some great finds.  My then infant and 3 year old were just not allowing me to refinish any of them or do much else for that matter.

Now my girls can finally entertain themselves for awhile giving me a little time.  This is 1 of 2 maple tables I picked up for $5 for the both!  It looks like someone tried refinishing them but not that well so I didn't feel too bad painting this one.  Excuse all the clutter.  I threw out the idea of staging for this photo.

I stained over the top after only a light sand so it didn't completely take off all the finish.  The stain was a dark walnut.   Let's just say I love the Behr Premium paint with the primer in it.  I easily only needed one coat of paint.  Well worth the extra cost.

Even though I kind of liked that bright turquoise it needed to be dulled.  After a sanding I applied a dark walnut stain to the entire piece and wiped off with a rag.

From start to finish it took about 1hour.  Not too bad for a little splash of color.