Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Weekly Catch-up

It wasn't too eventful this past week but spring is in the air and we've been doing some work around the house.  The snow is melting and creating a nice river right in front of the entry to my house.  I'll be so glad when all this mud is gone!  I've been doing lots of sewing.  Mainly for friends and neighbors, a few orders mixed in and I've been working on some fun quilting blocks you can find here.  Check out my instagram feed for blocks I've created.

Last week it was in the 50's one day and I went out hoping to be able to do something in the yard only to find that everything was still covered in snow.  So I broke off a bunch of my forsythia branches to bring in and force some natural spring color.  They just started blooming yesterday!

Last Friday I woke up at 6am, went down stairs, switched on the light only to have it go out again.  Turns out at that exact moment a transformer caught on fire down the road and left our area without power for just over an hour.  Not knowing when it would be back on school got cancelled.  My older daughter is in the photo above at 6:30 am reading by candle and flashlight.  I was actually kind of happy about this because now we could have a "girls day".  It's been awhile since we had one of those where I didn't have to include running for work.  Fridays are my grocery shopping days and my older daughter loves grocery shopping.  My younger one, not so much.  It took some creative convincing to get her out the door.  That involved Dunkin Donuts and a movie when we got home.

This week wraps up my latest pottery class.  My goal this session was to make a some mugs that we could actually drink out of and that didn't require a workout to lift it.  These are just getting ready to be bisque fired (the first of 2 firings) then I'll glaze them.  That's when the magic happens.  I made some other things too but this was the last batch.  I've really improved since my first class last summer.  I'm feeling much more comfortable with the process now so I'm planning on enrolling in open studio time so I can just play and hone in some skills.

Saturday morning I finally found the motivation to paint my bathroom.  I picked the color (sea glass) out for this room a couple years ago but then that gallon ended up going to an apartment bathroom that needed painting.  I rebought another gallon and that one sat for about a year and a half before this Saturday.  I don't yet have a finished photo because there's still lots of extra stuff cluttering the room until I can get it to the Salvation Army.  I will say that I love it!  Finally!  Nice and clean and new.  I love what paint can do.  My youngest daughter was helping out for a little while by changing this old cabinet from country blue to white.  

And then there's Wiley.  He's so ready for nice weather (aren't we all!).  Still just goes out, runs around the house then wants to come right back in but at least he's going out.  He just turned 13 and this is the first winter that he spent most of it inside by the wood stove napping.  I wish I was a cat.