Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Gift # 1 The Tom Brady Bag

Every year I make bags for the girl's teachers.  Who can't use a new bag right!? And I make them pretty big as it was told to me one time by a teacher friend of mine that she needed a big bag to carry all her teacher stuff in.  Makes sense.  I am so in awe of teachers.  Anyone who can devote their time and lives to day after day being in the classroom with children all day is amazing to me.  You have got to keep them all paying attention and behaving throughout the day.  I've volunteered for short little bits and there are so many different kids behaving in different ways, learning in different ways, it makes my head spin.  I have always been very happy with the teachers my kids have had and felt like they did a better job than I would have expected.  They are getting paid but what they give to my kids I feel is priceless and I wish I could give them something in return to show my appreciation.  These bags are my attempt.

This past year my older daughter had a teacher that's a HUGE fan of the Patriots and Tom Brady.  The photo above shows one of the displays she made outside her classroom in preparation for the Super Bowl this past year.  I knew right then her bag was going to utilize team fabric! I always wondered what to do with team fabrics so this was my chance.  I wanted to give her a bag that said I'm a mature teacher but open it up and I'm a crazy Patriots/Tom Brady fan!

It was easy to find a photo of Tom on the internet.  I used my ink jet printer and printable fabric.  I have long since used this fabric to print my fabric labels and then hand-cut them.  I've laundered my bags with those labels over and over and haven't had any ink runs on my labels yet.

Tom made a perfect pocket.  I could just imagine her going in for her keys or phone and catching a glance.  I was laughing to myself pretty much the entire time I was making this.  It's good to mix up your sewing with a little silliness.

The finished bag was a beautiful sensible, low key exterior, just like I had in mind.

The inside boasted a true Patriots fan.

I even put a handy zipped pocket on the outside with team fabric.

This was by far the most fun I had making a teacher appreciation bag!  I'll share the rest of my teacher appreciation bags in my next post.

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