Friday, January 20, 2017


Push - it's my word for the year.

It's also the first time that I have chosen a word for the year but as I was on the elliptical at the Y this morning listening to one of my favorite podcasts by Elise Gets Crafty and this one in particular, the word just popped into my head.


I want to push myself to do more this year in my business.

I want to push myself to stay on top of things and not get behind.
Push myself to make working out a priority.

Push myself to have my family eat better with better snack ideas.
Push myself to explore creativity more.

Push myself to stick with something till it's done and not give up.
Push my mind to concentrate more, think deeper and not be so rushed to get somewhere or get something done.
Push myself to blog at least once a week... for myself.
Push out negative thoughts which make me feel overwhelmed, frustrated, jealous and unproductive.

Push myself to savor life and breath more.

Push myself to not take my children for granted and to engage deeper, let go and play more.
I'm sure I can come up with a hundred more pushes but this should get me started.

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