Sunday, July 31, 2016

summer beach art

Ahhhh, summer time!  It's Monday, the start of a new week and I am trying to mix up a few different projects for us.  We've been spending lots of time outdoors in the pool, at a local lake and in the gardens weeding, weeding and weeding.  Today is a little grey and promising some much needed rain so I thought it was a good day for an art project.

I found this project and thought it would be a perfect replacement for my artwork that was destroyed by a water fight in the bathroom.  (Lesson learned to not use tempera paint for art work that may get wet!) I should have known by all the belly laughs behind a closed door.  It was one of those times where I knew something was going on, something that I wasn't going to like, but the laughter and fun I knew they were having kept me from interfering.  Then I heard silence and quiet footsteps and the tears.  But all was made better with new paintings.

This time we used acrylic paints which gave us a lot more color options.  We stuck with a couple browns for the sand half, blues and white for the water half.  I made the wave in the middle and they just had to follow the wave with the paint.  One of my painters is very precise and wants perfectly consistent, flowing waves, the other completely opposite and kept wanting to add swirls and abstract.
I love how their personalities shine through in their artwork.

We painted their feet dark brown and I helped them place them on the canvas for the footprints.  This would have been great for little tiny toes.  It just came to me but having a larger canvas and adding their footprints every year on a birthday would be an awesome reminder of their growth.

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