Saturday, February 9, 2013

snow day

Snowed is most of New England.  I think we got about 20 inches overnight and with an order from the governor to stay off the roads we were all stuck at home today.  This was my first Saturday home since I opened the Stitch Lounge in April of 2012.  I was feeling kind of restless...ok a LOT restless.  I did a whole lot of thinking about something, starting something, moving on to something else and about the only thing that got finished was the dishes. 

I did manage to cut up and sew together some strips for my knitted rug.  


I am amazed at how many scraps have already gone into this rug.  I have saved every last selvage edge and scrap I have had over the past several weeks.  I've started to add in several old curtains my mother-in-law gave me.  One inch strips seem to work the best and sewing together the strips vs. tying is my preferred method so I don't have any hard knots to feel on my feet.  

I guess today was not a total loss.  I got 4 loaves of my bread made, plus snuggle time and naps with my girls.  It was a great change of pace and a great way to spend a snow day.


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