Tuesday, July 3, 2012

alabama stitchin

It took all of my will power but I left my sewing machine home for my 10 day trip to Maine.  I did however bring along a bit of handstitching.  First on my agenda was to finish my Alabama Chanin style skirt.  I started this project last fall.  I got about 1 panel of the 4 completed then it sat in a plastic bag and slowly became a part of the stash - until last week.

If you are not familiar with the whole Alabama Chanin thing, you first start with 2 layers of knit fabric, stencil with fabric paint on the top layer, handstitch around the stencil, cut out the center of the stenciled part, assemble your project and done!

It was really surprising how quickly it actually went together once I wasn't thinking about something else.  I normally don't sit for long periods of time and I can only spend about and hour tops on one project.  I think I'm a little a.d.d. in that area.  My problem is I start a project and work on it but one of the tools or fabrics gives me an idea for something else and it just keeps going like that, until I have 3 or 4 projects just started and nothing finished.  That is why I am all about the fast and easy projects! 

My first Alabama stitch project was a small scarf for my mom.  I used upcycled tee's and that did go together quickly.  Then onto the daunting skirt.  Who knew if I just spent more than 30 mins at a time it would be done in no time.  A couple afternoons and half way though my vacation it was completed and I was even able to wear it (after I bought the perfect white shirt to go with it). 

Let me tell you this skirt is comfy!  I was really worried that it would not fit me.  Just holding it up to my waist there was no way.  But then I slipped it on and because of the stretch knit it was perfect.  I also didn't have any of the fold over elastic with me and found that for my body it wasn't even necessary.  I tend to be a little wider in the middle area (especially after kids) and more elastic probably wouldn't be as comfortable.  Now it's done and now I'm thinking about my next project.  Maybe another skirt in a different pattern.   Maybe I need to go away again so I can get it done!