Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm always in a search for quick and easy projects and ideas.  Tubes are definitely a fun quilting technique.  I spent half my day today making several of these easy blocks.  I thought I would share a quick tutorial while I was at it.  Maybe it's something new to you too!

You will need 3 different fabrics, cutting mat, rotary cutter, ruler with a 45 degree angle.

Cut all the width of the fabric.
Cut 3 2 1/2" strips of white
Cut 1 strip of another color
Cut 2 strips of the last color

Sew 2 white strips on either side of the 1 colored strip.

Sew the last 2 white strips on either side of the last colored strip.
Iron all seams towards the darker.

Then lay the two new larger strips on top of each other right sides together. 
Stitch down the two long sides.

Then using the 45 degree mark on your ruler, line it up with your seam line and cut. 

Move the ruler up to the opposite side and cut again on the 45 making a triangle.  Repeat until you are through the strip.  (You will have more than you need.)
Unfold those new blocks and press.

Stitch 4 together as shown.  I turned my 4 blocks opposite ways but you could match them all up for a continuous look.

Now isn't that easy!  I kept wanting to try new color combinations.  I almost have 10 of them done and then will be making a full quilt.