Wednesday, May 2, 2012

half a decade

Can it possibly be?  We have had this little girl for 5 years!  Amongst all the craziness of life I wanted to be able to give her a special party.  She requested a mermaid theme.  Ok, shouldn't be too hard!

The cake is something that her aunt does best and always has!

Now to blow out the candles.  All the blondies get in on this one!

Ahhh...too much sun!!!  Course you can't have a mermaid party without a mermaid skirt!  I made these up for party favors.  They are so simple.  I basically measured (or guessed) waist to just below knee for the top then added the frilly fin bottom.  I elasticized the waist and the middle section where you can see it sewn.  I left the back seam of the "fins" unsewn and just serged the bottom edges so I didn't have to hem anything.  The elastic in the middle left lots of running and playing room.  Hmmm...I haven't done a tutorial in awhile, maybe it's time.

No event is complete without a craft project.  We did maracas following a fun tutorial I found over at Made.  Everyone loved it.  Even the adults got in on it!  Hers looked a little cooler but there was no way I was letting this bunch get their hands on permanent markers. 

My sister-in-law brought along her needle felting.  I purposely have never looked at a pattern, book or tutorial because I just don't need one more thing to get into.  I can't ever just do a project.  No, I have to get a whole stores worth of supplies so this is one I am staying away from for awhile.  I did have to watch though so now I at least understand how it's done.  So cool.  Oh, those decorations in the background I also got ideas from  She's full of the good stuff!

After our party I made up a little girl bag for another party we went to on Sunday for a classmate.   One more party this coming Saturday that I have to make a gift for.  This party is for one of those little mermaids above who is going to be 4.  She's into black.  So I think a black skirt with lots of pink tulle under it is in order.

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