Thursday, January 26, 2012

so much to sew

Busy as a bee...who would have thought.  Just because I went and got myself a job the other businesses start picking up.  I've got orders coming in and it only wants to make me sew something that is just for fun.  Tonight I'm up late working on my daughter's sewing machine because it's so much quieter than my big clunky one and I can work while the little ones and the hubby is asleep.  So funny that this little thing is probably better than my full sized machine.  The stitch quality is awesome. 

Were did the days go where I could easily stay up working until midnight or later? Project Runway came on and my brain was involuntarily envisioning me on the couch.  I am so addicted to these fashion shows lately.  Typing this my eyes are heavy but I have so much to sew and so much to do. 

One bag down...and lots more to go...I guess bed is calling now and I'll give this another go in the morning.

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