Thursday, September 8, 2011

first sweater

My first sweater.  I thought it a good idea to start with something small and easy.  I used a free pattern I found in an easy baby sweater search.  Now that I'm done it seemed easy but I was stressing about how I was going to figure it all out.  I'm very new to knitting and have several projects going and this feels so good to get one of them finished.

It went together relatively fast considering my inexperience and the fact that I had the first sleeve almost finished 3 times and had to rip it out 3 times.  Even so, you can see that something went wrong with those sleeves.  The one on the left is noticeably larger than the right.   They looked to be the same size before it went together So I'm thinking it was the final assembly.

The pattern called for a backstitch for attaching the sleeves but in my search of figuring out exactly how to do the backstitch I came across a blog knocking that stitch and swaying me toward the mattress stitch.  And again in my inexperience, I accidentally started stitching it so the seam faced outwards, which I carried throughout thinking it looked pretty cool.  I was most surprised with how fast it all assembled together.

I used a worsted weight Encore yarn and size 8 needles.  This is sized for a 12 month old.  I actually had in mind this as a gift for my friend who did not yet know the gender but I guess I was leaning towards a boy.  Of course we now know she's having a girl.  The colors are pretty neutral but I'm thinking that since it's a first try and the sleeves are off quite a bit, it will make a nice doll sweater for my girls.

The buttons make this great for getting over baby's head.  The button holes were made with a quick yarn over and then two more rows of stockinette.

I think that this would be really cute without the buttons and just stitch up the top opening maybe 1/2 way where the buttons are now.  Hmmmm....I may be getting some pink yarn and giving that a try.  

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