Friday, May 13, 2011

Today we woke up early, showered and ate up our pancakes.  We set out to pick up my friend and her daughter then off to a new consignment shop.  Let's just say that was a weird experience so we picked up the paper and made our plan for hitting as many tag sales as we can.  It's always interesting with the kids you never know who's going to throw the first fit. 

Today was sunshine and warmth and everyone seemed to be in a good mood.  We spent a couple hours going from sale to sale and I had absolutely nothing to show for it except for a growling stomach.  So it was off to Panera for a well deserved lunch.  It was time to bring our friends home but there was one tag sale sign I wanted to hit before we headed home.

I hit the jackpot!  I love those sales that are out in the boonies on a Friday.  You can be sure there's gonna be something you'll want.  I scored all this for $10.  Ok, the flowers were not included those were added as soon as we got home.   With more than half the day spent in the car the girls were ready for some outdoor play time.  

We discovered this cute little fella.  We cleaned out the last flower bed and added fresh mulch.   The girls made a new home for 3 wormmies and gathered a bunch of rocks for the bottom of our old bucket so we could add the flowers above.  I love these days.  It's gonna be a great summer.

Back to my finds.  I loved this shade.  Perfect for my living room.  I wasn't too crazy about the light holder that went with it but I think I'll grubby it up and it will be cute.  She wouldn't let the shade go without it.  It was really surprising the nice shape the shade was in since you could tell this all came straight out of an old barn and had been there for quite sometime.

I made up my mind I wanted to do some container gardening this year and I found these.  I felt so good after this tag sale and my iced coffee was starting to kick in.  I said girls, we're going on the hunt for some more tag sales.  I got them singing songs about tag sales and then we kept driving, and driving...and well, we never did find any more sales but it was still a good day!

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  1. What lovely finds, love the potted up bucket, I can remember those times when my little ones had screaming fits, so much easier these days now the're teenagers x