Thursday, May 26, 2011

Make Your Own Customizable Coupon Storage

In my efforts to save a little cash these days I have started to clip coupons... lots of coupons.  My dollar store coupon book is just not cutting it anymore.  I've seen some people use a business card holder for a binder.  This is a great idea since it has tons of clear storage and you can readily see everything.  Plus it's expandable.  I was thinking a little more along the lines of what can I use that I already have.  I really did not want to spend money on anything since I am trying to save money not spend it.

That's when it hit me.  I bought a big box of store brand heavy duty sheet protectors a long time ago for something.  I think I got them on a really good sale and couldn't pass it up so the box of 100 came home with me.  I've used a few here and there.  They are really great for holding recipes.

So here is my idea in tutorial form.

Make Your Own Customizable Coupon Storage

What you will need:

Plastic sheet protectors.  (The heavy duty ones are nice and probably a little more durable but I've also used regular weight and those are just fine too.)
Sewing machine
embroidery scissors or something that has a sharp point.

First you are going to fold the sewing lines.  I like to have 6 pockets per page.  You will need to fold some coupons but most of them will fit perfectly.  Fold up the plastic to divide the longer length into three sections.  Make sure to crease the plastic enough that it leaves a line. 

Next fold the other way exactly in half.  If you don't want to have to fold any of your coupons you would want to eliminate this step so you will only have 3 long pockets.

Now sew along all of those lines. 

I also like to sew along the outside edge to give it a little more support.

Now take your embroidery scissors and at the top of the squares you just sewed up poke a little hole being careful to only go through one layer of the plastic and cut along the top of that square. 

You don't have to cut along the top two squares because it will already be open but before you start cutting make sure the opening is at the top.  If not you will just need to sew the openings closed and use your scissors to cut a new opening.

I was worried that once I made the cuts in the plastic it would split and keep going but the stitching really helps hold everything in place nicely.

I prefer the 6 pockets per page even though I have to fold some.  I like to be able to quickly grab all of them at once and look through them especially if I'm in the supermarket.

I continually work on the organizing but it has been such a time saver for me.  I hope you can find it helpful too.

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