Friday, March 18, 2011

Slip Covered Chair

My first slip cover! 
I have NEVER owned a new piece of furniture.  The only thing I have ever even paid any money for, yes, in my whole life so far was a used recliner from a friend.  This chair is nothing special and was given to me by my grandparents many years ago.

I've tried slipcovering before but it was a horrible and I got discouraged and never even finished it.  Needless to say it still covered the chair, I'm embarrassed to say for a number of years.  

I love Miss Mustard Seed and have been following her for awhile.  Then she posted slipcovering tutorials.  This is basically the same way I tried my last slip cover, although I initially skipped the piping because of the difficulty.  

Well, I would have to call myself a season sewer now.  Since I've been making handbags and expanding my sewing repertoire it seemed to be a little easier this time and I even used piping!  Thank you Miss Mustard Seed for inspiring and directing me!  

First I practiced on this pillow.  Oh, and I also used a contractor's drop cloth, bleached and washed for the fabric.  I love the clean look.  The piping came from some toile fabric I've had for many years.  I'm glad to use it finally.

Total cost of this "new" chair and pillow (also an old one I had laying around): $15!  Ok, that doesn't include the fabric I already had but even if I had to buy all that too maybe another $10 at the most since I bought it at discount.  

Sadly, I think this is the nicest piece of furniture I've ever owned.  But I'm proud of myself for tackling it and most of all for finishing it amongst getting snacks, craft projects and puzzles.

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